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Once you awaken, it’s hard to go back to sheep.

We are embarking upon the next 
great awakening.

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Over the coming months and years, here are a few topics our community will be discussing.

Political Awakening.

Many people see through the political games being played. We're not falling for it anymore! It's time to expose the puppet masters and fit the government back inside the Constitution. Are your family and friends awake? Our community can help.

Big Tech & Big Social.

As tech giants grew, we handed them more and more of our private information. Now, they're using that data for profit and censorship. Our view of the internet has been skewed through what they want us to see.

News, Media, & Entertainment.

The business model for news has changed and agenda-driven narratives have poisoned this once-trusted institution. There's a reason they call it "television programming" and it's time to wake up!

Financial Awakening.

Financial literacy is at an all-time low. Kids graduate college with massive debt and are incapable of paying it back. Self-reliance and independence must be passed on to the next generation. Debt is slavery.

Educational Awakening.

Bureaucratic, top-heavy, monopolistic, and overpriced public education institutions are producing more and more who know less and less. Let's talk about the new wave of free market solutions to education.

Spiritual Awakening.

Are churches preaching the word of God with discipline or do they skip the difficult parts? Are they afraid to offend and miss out on donations? More and more people across the globe are getting back to God, seeking Truth, and fulfilling His purpose.

Health, Food, & Fitness.

Consumers have been lied to as we wake up to the health problems associated with processed foods. Food is fuel for the mind and body. Let's examine our food supply and discuss its affect on our health.

Careers, Business, Entrepreneurship.

Massive disruptions in several industries are on the horizon as middlemen are being eliminated. Sitting in cubicles is out while the gig economy is taking off. Let's talk about that side hustle + persistence formula.

Family, Relationships, & Society.

What impact has hollywood, video games, social media, and public policy had on the family unit and society? It's time to discuss their impact and determine if these dangerous trends can be reversed.

And more...

These are but the few initial topics we will discuss. But what are you curious about? What facets of life are you waking up to question? What are you beginning to question that needs explored? Join today and lets talk.

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