What is TheAwakening.Community?

Founded by author, speaker, publisher, and digital marketing consultant, Jason W. Hoyt, TheAwakening is a network of patriots dedicated to learning, mentoring others, and promoting Liberty. Members share news, stories, events, and personal journeys of discovery and growth in today’s Great Awakening.

We learn from each other while challenging old paradigms. And in our search for Truth, we expose and reject corporate media and Big Tech’s dangerous narratives and biased “programming.”

YOU are not the product in this community. Here, you’re purchasing access to thought-leaders and a content-rich environment guaranteed to challenge old paradigms.

TheAwakening.Community isn’t your typical social network where you are the product being sold to advertisers and influencers. This community isn’t filled with close-minded bullies, hot heads, and antagonists. Our network is filled with amazing people who approach topics with intellectual honesty and love learning and sharing unique, well thought-out perspectives. 

Nothing in life is free. It’s time realize other platforms look at you as the product being sold.

Topics discussed at TheAwakening include, but are not limited to:
– Political Awakening
– Fake News
– Spiritual Awakening
– Health-Food-Fitness
– Financial Awakening
– Travel-Adventure & Places to Visit
– Careers-Business-Entrepreneurship
– Educational Awakening
– Inspiration-Motivation-Goals
– Family-Relationships-Society
– And more…